I Lost My Dad Today


I lost my Dad today.

There was still so much to say

He arrived in the summer of thirty nine

A rum and diet coke man, not so much wine

A huge John Wayne fan

My Dad was a great Man!

He worked at Peerless Chain many a year

My Dad could really hold his beer

A lifetime Viking he was once mistaken for ex Viking Boom Boom Brown in a bar

I know my Dad is never too far

He lit up a room with his smile

God, if only we could have him back for awhile

He had a lifelong fascination with model trains

A big storm watcher, thunder, lightning, hail and rains

He looked so much forward to cutting grass

His passing feels like a punch to the stomach and a boot to the ass

Jesus, Mary and Joseph help us now

We’ve lost our little boy who stole the cow

When it’s tournament time

Watch out golfers it’s time for the big Kahuna to shine and chime

The tears just keep a flowing

Beware doctors, if you’re late, Big Bob’s going

Always proud to be Polish!

Early mornings on Blacksmith’s Wingdam, that’s where he loved to fish

Ice fishing on Lake Onalaska, Spring Lake, Sam Gordy’s, or going to the Long Walk

Oh what I wouldn’t do for just one more talk

Getting lost in Kilgore

I need more time with him, more, more, lots more

His wife, kids, grandkids and great-grandkids, he considered

Us all his greatest treasure

He was always at his best under pressure

A golfer of flash, style and notoriety

His lungs imprisoned him, but at 11:22 p.m., 4-14-17 Popsi broke free!

A meat and potato kind of guy

Hey, hey, hey look up everyone, we got a new Angel in our sky!

So many plans, he was always looking ahead

He may have gone and passed but he will never be dead

I lost my Dad today

All I ever wanted was for him to stay!


Robert August Mayer Jr.



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