Minnesota cares about clean water, environmental protections


From: Richard K. Dahl


On April 19 I went with a bus load of citizens from southeast Minnesota to join a total of 700 from all parts of the state to urge members of our state Legislature to support policies to protect clean drinking water, rather than the current legislative attempts to roll back environmental protections and to undermine funding for our natural resources.

In a statewide voter survey in February three-quarters of Minnesota voters say they are concerned about rollbacks of environmental laws. They support the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment. Among many proposals, we especially urged legislators 1) to fully fund ($5 million) the University of Minnesota Forever Green program to provide winter-annual cover crops that clean water and build soil health (and enhance farm profits), and 2) to oppose the doubling of factory farms from 1,000 to 2,000 animal units before an environmental review is needed.

Drinkable water is life. It is more vital for our survival than money, oil, or political gain.


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