God’s true message of Sodom


From: John Rupkey


Many traditional Christians firmly believe that the destruction of Sodom was a clear message from God, that any nation that tolerates what was tolerated in Sodom could expect that God would not protect them, leading to the ruin of that nation. Some are putting forth dedicated effort to make sure that they and the United States will not support the kind of people whom they were taught to believe were responsible for Sodom’s destruction.

However, when it comes to identifying present-day Sodomites, they tend to rely on their priests and ministers instead of accepting God’s own words concerning the problem with the original Sodomites. The difficulty with this approach is the fact that by ignoring God’s words, priests and ministers use the Sodom story to generate the fear needed to maintain their institutionalized homophobia.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the majority of traditional Christians don’t even know the reason God gave for destroying Sodom, been though He makes it very clear in Ezekiel’s 16th chapter: “Look at the guilt of Sodom: she was proud, sated with food, complacent in their prosperity, and they gave no help to the poor and needy … then I removed them,” (49-50, New American Bible).

Many present-day Sodomites are in our government. They are trying to take essential help away from the poor and needy so they and their friends can become more complacent in their prosperity. According to God, He destroyed Sodom precisely because of this kind of disregard for his protected people — the poor and needy.

It is now obvious that traditional Christian moral concerning God’s destruction of Sodom is based, not on what God said, but on ugly homophobia indoctrinated into us down through the centuries. This also enables priests and ministers to hide God’s true lesson of Sodom, which might upset many of the people who give them money.

It isn’t too late to lessen God’s wrath on America. With dedicated effort, we can help protect the people who God emphatically insists we must protect by voting Sodomites out of our government. We can make America holy again. 


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