Southeast Minnesota Property Owners — Let’s talk


From: Amy Cordry



Dear Southeast Minnesota Property Owners,

I saw your advertisement in the Winona Post on Sunday, May 21, 2017. You are forming a nonprofit (tax-deductible?) group to sue Winona County for its ban on sand mining for industrial uses.

Good for you for acting on what you stand for and believe in. Our country should support and encourage citizen involvement. We are the heart of democracy and so should and must take on the responsibility to engage in our society. That responsibility includes being open so all may see our faces and perhaps even have a rational discussion about our beliefs and stands.

My disappointment in your stand to be anonymous was enormous. Only criminals and those ashamed of their actions hide their faces. I don’t believe you will need to fear for your life if you declare your opinion. You state that it is “... to avoid personal attacks.” If you believe your stand is true and you are honest, then there would be no need to hide. You would be willing to accept some consequences. 

Sometimes we feel so passionately about something that we believe it is right and just. Perhaps it is by standing up and speaking up that we can hear ourselves and so gain perspective and consider others and our community. 

Please reconsider your stand to be anonymous. I for one would look forward to the opportunity to speak one-on-one with my fellow citizens concerning issues that affect us all. Surely that would be a place to start. 


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