Re: ‘Leaks in Dakota pipeline’


From: Paul B. Double



The Associated Press article highlights the idiocrasy by highlighting a whopping “leak of half a barrel, or 20 gallons,” wow! How much gas was intentionally spilled or vented on any given summer weekend by those who cut their grass, over-filled their lawn equipment, and drove their car or RV to recreate in the woods?

Adding to these frivolous claims and logic the drive to boycott Wells Fargo or any investor involved with drilling, pipelines or the economics related to jobs, growth and national security.

Following their lead should we also then financially boycott the Catholic Church because of Pope Alexander VI’s roll in 1493 in the Spanish conquest of the New World reinforced by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1823 as the founders of the “Doctrine of Discovery” against the native cultures now being practiced by ISIS in their quest for correctness?  


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