HCO, ORC are community treasures


From: Susan Maus 

The family of Mat Maroushek


Thursday, May 5, 2017, just shy of 50 years of age, Mathew “Mat” Maroushek passed from this life after a brief battle with brain cancer. He struggled throughout his life with severe autism which limited his ability to communicate with his voice and manifested itself in behaviors beyond his control. Beyond these challenges, Mat was very bright and possessed a wonderful sense of humor.

He was a fixture in the Winona community and no outing was complete without one or more people recognizing him. Mostly, they acknowledged his presence with a simple wave and a “Hi Mat.” He will be missed by many, but always remembered.

Mat lived at home with his family until he was 19 years old. His parents, Benjamin and Janice, were prepared for him to live with them permanently, but, as most young adults, Mat had other ideas. He made it clear it was not his desire to live with Mom and Dad in adulthood and living alone was not an option.

What to do was the question. It was a struggle to be sure with a much more extensive back story then can be told in a few paragraphs. Ultimately, his parents purchased a home for Mat in the East End of Winona and worked with Home and Community Options, Inc., (HCO) along with Winona ORC Industries, Inc., as service providers.

For 30 years, HCO was there every step of the way to help Mat to thrive and live a meaningful life. ORC provided Mat with employment opportunities and support. The love, support and commitment he received from HCO and ORC leadership and staff was unparalleled. It was a challenge, but they always found a positive way through. 

Home and Community Options, Inc., and Winona ORC Industries, Inc., are truly amazing and critical community assets. Without a doubt, Winona treasures. They provide services and support for hundreds of individuals with developmental disabilities, young and old, helping all to live happy, productive lives.


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