Troubles and tulips


Troubles and tulips

by Sarah Squires

First, it is not necessary to read this column. Just head over to your neighbors’ house and knock on the door and let them know that their Cotter senior had the wrong email address for submitting his senior bio and photo, and he needs to resend it right away, either to or to Emails have already gone out to parents, but we know that there is not a strong response rate and for many families, they won’t see it until it is too late. We really want to include our Cotter seniors in our upcoming Graduation Memory Book, and it breaks my heart to think those happy young graduates might miss out. So please, family, help me out here and spread the word. 

It isn’t always easy coordinating so much content for an area that is so rich in opportunities and events, but I’m proud to say we don’t have to print many corrections. When we do, it isn’t fun. We are a newspaper, we have real, solid deadlines, and when we make a mistake, we can’t erase it. It is no fun for us, nor is it for those it affects. 

Coordinating the Graduation Memory Book is no easy task either. It requires a lot of assistance from area schools, and we are grateful that they help us every year. Still, there are always seniors who miss out, and we try our hardest to get the word out to them. This year, we set up a special email account to accept files from Cotter digitally. Because of an interoffice mistake, the new email address was communicated incorrectly, and Cotter staff were so helpful in getting every last senior to send us the information. But alas. It went to the wrong place. 

We are not sure who the owners of “” are (this is the INCORRECT address, please do not email anything there), but we tried to reach out to see if we could retrieve those bios and photos to no avail. It could be someone around here, but it could also be from another state with a town or organization called Winona, too. It would be wonderful if we could figure this out, but so far, we have not. 

This is the kind of thing that keeps me up at night. So please, if you know a Cotter senior, spread the word. Specifically, you might want to tell their parents, as seniors are a little bit busy this time of year, dreaming about where life will take them as they enter adulthood. What a feeling!

On a lighter note, Bonnie Wochinski brought in a pretty interesting photo and letter to me this week. Apparently, we have a “tulip tree” in town. Here’s what she has to say about it:

Hello, nature lovers,

Did you know that Winona has a tulip tree? On June 3 it appeared to be in full bloom with more buds still opening. In the past we had been told that it never blooms here because Minnesota is not in its normal growing range. The last two years and this year, especially, the blossoms are abundant. The flower sits upright on the branch and from below it looks almost greenish in color. The beautiful yellow tulip-like flower with its orange center is best seen from above. The name Liriodendron tulipifera originated from the Greek word meaning “lily tree.”

Don’t miss this spectacular display at Woodlawn Cemetery. After you enter the gate, turn right and there it stands on the left side of the road. To view the tree from a higher elevation, turn onto the red brick road and bring a pair of field glasses. It may help if you bring a very tall friend along to reach up for a branch and draw it down for a photo op. Another possibility would be to use a reaching tool such as the Gopher from Wal-Mart. Where is that person I met there with the drone camera? 

See Wikipedia for many interesting facts about Liriodendron tulipifera.


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