Benghazi and Iraq


From: Ruth Roffler


Under Hilary Clinton’s watch as secretary of state during the first term of Obama’s Presidency, four Americans, including a U.S. ambassador, lost their lives during an overnight attack in Benghazi. Lots of confusing on misinformation flooded the airwaves for months to follow. A special Senate Intelligence Committee was formed to investigate the attack and what part Hilary played in it. For more than 13 hours Clinton was interrogated by this special committee. Even after the hearing’s close, many questions still remain.

Anytime American lives are lost in the service of our country it is indeed a tragedy, and I fully agree that a full and impartial investigation was justified. If indeed all of the truth was not unveiled, I am disappointed and saddened in our government, and always for the loved ones of those four American souls who died that day.

Even though it’s been years since the United States invaded Iraq, I still question why the decision to go to war was made in the first place. Former President Bush and Vice President Chaney, despite findings and arguments to the contrary, convinced Americans that Saddam Hussein was behind the 9/11 attacks, had weapons of mass destruction, and was determined to use them against us. We now know that we had been deceived by our highest elected officials. There were no, nor had there ever been, any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. In all the years since the beginning of this seemingly unending war, I have wondered where the verbal outrage was over all the young men and women who lost their lives in Iraq, and those whose lives have been changed forever as a result. Is it Bush and/or Chaney who’s responsible for misleading our country’s citizens? If not, then who? Why has nobody been held accountable? Why was no special committee ever formed to ask the tough questions still unanswered to this day?

Are we to assume that the thousands of lives lost in Iraq are less American, less human, or less loved than the four lives lost in Benghazi and, therefore, do not deserve the same outrage and investigation? Still wondering ...


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