Hate for Muslims in Winona?


From: Nicholas C. Guy 

Commissioner, Winona 

Human Rights Commission

One of the darkest days in U.S. history was the election of a xenophobic and homophobic president. Donald Trump is the president who encourages hate and violence against all minorities who are not American. Guess what? This country is a melting pot of numerous minorities who built this country. What are Americans? We are a blend of minorities across the world. Although history refuses to accept this in U.S. education this entire country was built on the foundation of genocide against Native Americans and profited greatly from slavery of African slaves. This Trump presidency is built entirely on hatred of all minorities. The Southern Poverty Law Center has recorded a great increase in hate crimes against Muslims that are directly attributed to the Trump campaign. A total ban on Muslims because their religion promotes hate and supporting Shira Law. I have read and studied this Quran. There is no reference to promoting violence against nonbelievers of Islam. So why do I present this brief history?

 I took a picture of a beat up rust bucket pickup last week that had the usual emblem of a young boy peeing on something political. This person’s vile hatred was the little boy peeing on Muslims. Hate in Winona against a nonviolent religion. Perhaps this individual is promoting our God as being bigger and better than their God, totaling ignoring the historical reality that this country’s dominant religion brought about the Crusades, the Salem witch hunt murders and this country’s religious leaders stood idly by while Native Americans were being wiped out through genocide during colonization. I am a commissioner on the Human Rights Commission since I took note of this racial statement just last week I can address this article as representing the entire Human Rights Commission but I will formally announce this as an agenda item for our July meeting. Why do we all cherish the variety of color in every species but our own?  


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