WAPS’ referendum is ill planned


From: Linda Fort

According to the article about the proposed referendum polling places I see nothing for Dakota, Nodine, Ridgeway or Wilson voters. We are expected to drive to Winona to vote? Why not use the Ridgeway School as a polling place for this end of the school district? Many residents of this end of the district work in La Crosse. They will need to drive from La Crosse to Winona to cast their vote.

Better yet, move one of the in-town polling places to Ridgeway. It is just as far for Winona voters to drive to Ridgeway as it is for us to drive to Winona.

How many rural elderly will make the trek to Winona to vote? They are used to voting at their local town hall. How many of the elderly and Baby Boomers have an extra $200 to $933 laying around to pay in property taxes for the rest of their lives? I know of none.


Hopefully the School Board will reconsider this entire referendum (though I doubt it). Notice how the vote is again held when college students are back in town? That’s how the last referendum finally passed.

I would like to read the 312-page novel-sized report that was created for the district. Will it be made available for online reading?

Please vote in November; you and I have to live within our means, cutting back when funds are not available. When is our school district going to do the same?


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