Check out GRSF performances while you still can


From: Peter Flick

I noticed today the Great River Shakespeare Festival has advertised discounted tickets for the final week of plays. Two plays for the price of one. All four plays produced this season are so good, it’s a shame that there are any empty seats.

I’m thinking the reduced price is given to provide the greater community of Winona and Southeast Minnesota opportunity to experience these works of art. The opportunity to see two plays for the price of one play is a super deal.

My thoughts on why you might like these plays:

“Comedy of Errors” — A farcical romp, fast moving, with 400-year-old writing that is hilariously delivered by this cast. Tarah Flanagan playing the character Dromeo describing Nell the Kitchen Wench is worth the price of admission. Everyone is great in this very funny show. I especially liked Maya Jackson’s jazz club signing and her character. Go 15 minutes early to hear the trio at the pre-show. Imagine a 400-year-old comedy act that is still funny!

“Richard III” — Shakespeare’s Richard III, a clever, power hungry, vindictive, sometimes funny duke, is mesmerizing as played by Chris Gerson. If you have not see Chris in a play you’re missing an amazingly talented actor. He plays Richard with intelligence, physicality and evil.

We sat on the stage for “Richard III.” I like fight scenes so being on stage, in the thick of the battle, felt dangerous, visceral and great fun. “My horse. My horse. My kingdom for a horse,” cried Richard, and then after a short fight, he died at our feet.

“Shipwrecked” — It is a tall tale. It depends on your imagination so you become part of the play.

The action is fast moving with Chris Mixion playing the main character. Chris is a talented comedian and character actor from New York. He is perfectly cast in the role of Louie. All the other parts are played by Michael Fitzpatrick and Maya Jackson, Kansas City. Michael and Maya assume dozens of different characters at the drop of a hat, including a dog, Aussie huntsmen, pearl divers, a crusty ship captain, a German scientist and other surprising roles. They play these character the while providing the Folie sounds appropriate to the action. The best surprise is the final scene. It’s pure joy.

“An Iliad” — This anti-war, contemporary play is a one man show. A one man show, played on alternate performance by actors, Tarah Flanagan (again) and Andrew Carlson.


Each of their individual performance is powerful and moving. You emotions may take a beating if you go — in a good, thoughtful way. This is strong, good stuff. Tarah is from New York and Andrew teaches at the University of Texas, Austin.

The Great River Shakespeare is a professional theater company, right here in River City. I Repertory, which means you can see several plays in short time. The closest you would find a similar theater company is Spring Green, Wis. Other similar places are Utah Shakespeare Festival or Ashland Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

For the price of a good meal the discounted tickets will bring you great entertainment. Then go for the good meal.


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