In memory of Audrey Ellinghuysen


10/3/34 - 8/24/16

From: Bonnie Enright

Everyday I think of you and still long for your’s and Dad’s hands to help us through
all the tears and hurts we held inside the day you left and death closed your eyes.
At night when I lay my head down,
I look out a window where I once found
a dad, a ma, and so much love;
now it’s all gone with you to Heaven above.
Oh heck, I know you’re both real and near
for I feel it in my heart and hold it dear.
Nothing’s the same; the foundation is gone.
Values and strengths you’ve taught us
are in this world with people almost gone.
Life is something, the words you speak...
it’s what you do with it
and the smiles you put on others’ cheeks.
It’s not what you have or what you don’t
it’s how you use it to reach the good Lord’s home.
Be thankful for all God’s given you
and give everyone a kiss
and remember we love you!


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