Mankato Avenue needs help


From: Walt Kelly

The condition of Mankato Avenue between Sarnia and Highway 61 is pretty bad. The bumps and ruts are getting worse. It’s about time for a rebuild.

This time, let’s spring a few more bucks and do it right. It’s been too short a time since the last repaving.

We really need concrete pavement on high-stress areas such as turns and stop lights.


In fact, why not concrete the entire road? The new interstate bridge deck is very smooth, as is I-90 crossing the river. High-traffic roads in Minnesota and Wisconsin are going concrete. Lifetime costs must show they are worth the extra money or they wouldn’t be built.

Winona has put up with state highways in rather poor conditions for some time. Isn’t it about time to give us a break with a quality road that we can look at with pride instead of a road we have to look at with an eye to picking a path with the least bumps and ruts?


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