Opportunities to pay it forward abound


From: David Girod

On July 31 I had surgery on my right ear at St. Mary’s Hospital. It was a follow-up surgery to one I had last summer. The hope is to improve my hearing. Several post-surgery rules included not being able to bike anywhere for over three weeks, and not being able to wear my RT hearing aid. The reason I’m telling you all this, is because a very nice and unexpected thing happened.

I was grocery shopping at Midtown Foods, Rochester Fruit, and Ledebuhrs that morning, and doing a few other errands. As I was getting back to the Center Street bus stop, all ready to take a nice air conditioned ride home, it departed without me! So I then called a cab, not wanting to walk the long walk home or wait at the bus stop for the next bus (another half hour away).

The cab took me home, and when we pulled up to my place, I asked how much the fair was. The driver responded, “I’ve seen your name in the paper for helping others. No charge!”

Life presents opportunities all the time. Now I must — and will! — find a way to pay it forward.


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