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From: Nicole Schossow

At a recent meeting of the school district Facility Task Force, I was quoted that I was struggling to support the referendum as put forward by the board.  The news sources did a great job of conveying my message from this meeting and I appreciate that. Since that time, I have heard from various people who say, “Well, if you/the task force cannot support this, then why should I?”  I was taken aback by this so I want to rely on the same media outlets to be absolutely clear about what I think you should do.

You should visit the WAPS website and read all the information that is available from the Facility Task Force, the referendum, the budget, and all the other information that has been shared with the community about this issue. You should invite friends and neighbors out for coffee to respectfully share opinions and debate the issues. You should do some of your own research about any variety of topics that will be impacted by this — class sizes, school sizes, green space, ratios of students to specialists, and population trends. 

What  you should not do is take a few words quoted in local newspapers and interpret that as permission to vote one way or another on an issue. Your should not rely on “I heard that ...” or “Someone said ...” And most importantly, you should not forget to actually show up and vote.


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