Media silent on crimes in Washington


From: David Foss

If there was a CEO, and his staff were perpetrating the ruination of a large company, would this be prosecutable? Absolutely. If the media knew of this criminal situation, they would be on the CEO and his staff like flies on a fresh cow. It wouldn’t be long before these people would be arrested, prosecuted and convicted of serious wrongdoing. They would be sent to prison. The media will have do what is right in this scenario.

What about the situation in Washington? Hasn’t the media become aware of the vast criminal activity taking place by many of our government officials and their intentions to ruin America? Why is the media remaining silent about these criminal on-goings?

There are stockpiles of proof that many of our government officials are purposefully destroying America, yet, we never hear even a peep from the media about it. Their silence should be considered criminal negligence, because there is ample evidence that would send these wrongdoers to prison. The media’s silence should make them guilty as accomplices to the premeditated ruination of America. They should be charged guilty for endangering the lives of an entire nation by remaining silent. Such inaction is indefensible, inexcusable and felonious.

The media in our country should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, because these people are endangering the lives of over 300 million others. They should be taken into custody and required to stand before a judge and jury, charged with holding back warehouses of proof against those who doggedly try to destroy our way of life.

Why hasn’t the media spoken out against the dreadful calamity that is taking place in our dear America? Do they really believe that everyone is going to be better off if this ruinous agenda is achieved? Are these ignorers of justice ever going to try to save America from the horrendous intentions of those are trying to destroy it? Why are they doing this?

By being defenders and supporters of obvious destructive behavior, by remaining silent and not writing or speaking out about the obvious wrongdoing that is taking place by many government officials, the silent media is prosecutable.


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