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From: Elizabeth Swift

In response to the front-page article regarding health insurance, a true story always helps readers put madness into perspective. About 15 years ago, I purchased health insurance from a company, which required policy holders to vow not to drink alcohol, smoke tobacco or eat refined white sugar and we had to weigh an appropriate amount for our height. Actuarial scientists will, of course, tell you that we were very low-risk for sickness and disease. To no surprise, the government shut down the company; the corporation did not go bankrupt on its own.

Fast-forward 10 years. After my divorce, I did not want to pay $350 a month for a Cobra plan under my hard-working, employed ex-husband. Instead, I purchased a $5,000 deductible, no prescription, no maternity policy for $74 a month on the free-market capitalistic system! After Obamacare, my premium skyrocketed to $212 per month, and is now unavailable on the Marketplace since it doesn’t comply with all of the federal demands (even though it was precisely the plan I wanted).

My typical annual income hovers at $24,000 (one-half of La Crosse County’s median wage). This year, it will come in closer to $12,000 for a variety of reasons, although I have diligently sought full-time employment. In any event, everyone tells me to hop on the free-ride health plan paid for by my neighbors. Absolutely not! I will go to jail prior to accepting government-subsidized health, food or shelter. Does anyone understand the correlation between rights and responsibilities?

If anyone knows of a $100,000 deductible health insurance policy, I would sure like to purchase this. I only go to the doctor if dragged against my will. If faced with cancer, I would implement the strategies recommended by Dr. Hulda Clark in her “Cure for All Cancers” and “Cure for All Diseases” books. I don’t buy into the drug, burn, poison, and cut allopathic industry. If I happened to get in an expensive auto accident, I would draft the legal proceedings to subrogate the responsibility to the at-fault driver and get the health insurance company reimbursed by the auto insurance carrier. In the meantime, I do participate in a health-sharing plan, which doesn’t qualify as insurance but does help me avoid the income tax penalty or fine associated with not carrying insurance.

The monthly cost of $552.52 for a benchmark silver plan made me laugh out loud. I could never pay more than rent for health insurance. If we gather together in masses and refuse to participate in socialized medicine (funding or accepting handouts), the prices of medical services and health insurance can readjust to real market values. As a bunch of frogs in a pot of boiling hot water, I feel like the only one jumping around.


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