Vikes 24—Panthers 31


From: Bernie Mayzek

It was a wild game, that’s for sure.
The Panthers were hot, oh yes they were.
Our defense did not play their best,
And our offense played just like the rest.

Three times we turned over the ball.
It just wasn’t like us at all.
These injuries in the second half, for us
on the offensive line, a win — not for us.

Two interceptions, five drops and six sacks on us too.
But Thielan caught six passes, Diggs did well, yahoo!
It didn’t help us win, two touchdowns we had
by Rudy and Thielen — losing makes us sad.

Three field goals by Forbath, he missed only one,
but our Vikings did not get things done.
We lose this game with three left to go.
We’re on top of our division, “Go Vikes, go!”


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