Rollingstone baseball


From: Jack Rader

Where I grew up in Minnesota
There was not a lot that you could go to.
Hike the hills and swim in the creeks,
Over and over during summer weeks.
Except for … baseball!

I was born in the town of Rollingstone,
And I was proud to know it as my own.
It had a park to picnic in
And a baseball field where we were taught to win.
Thank God … for baseball!

Growing up we spent many a day
Enjoying that field while learning to play.
Sometimes we played until it was dark,
And early next day we were back in the park.
No other game to play … except baseball.

Little League was our first chance to compete;
A chance to see which teams we could beat.
We did quite well, won many a game.
Met lots of guys I got to know by name.
New friends … and baseball!

And then it was time for center stage;
It was time for us to turn the page.
Our amateur team was giving a call.
We were ready for some real baseball.
Rollingstone Merchants … baseball!

Our town team had really made a name:
A State Class B title had gained that fame.
That championship team was something to see,
As they garnered that trophy in ’53.
State Championship … baseball!

After Mass on Sundays our town came to life.
After dinner to the park came husband and wife.
People honked horns to acknowledge great play,
And players and fans had a marvelous day.
A fun time for all … with baseball!

My amateur career was filled with fun.
I reflect on it often now that it’s done.
The people I met and the friends that were made,
The memories I treasure that will never fade.
Great memories … of baseball!

It couldn’t have happened if not for a game.
It wouldn’t have given this town some fame.
I owe it to my brothers, who gave me their all,
And taught me this wonderful game of baseball!
Baseball … Rollingstone baseball!


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