Where are the crossing guards?


From: Lisa Wright

As we begin the icy and slick conditions of winter in Minnesota, I’m greatly concerned about the lack of crossing guards at Jefferson Elementary School. In previous years there’s been at least two crossing guards assisting students. This school year, except for approximately five days in November, there have been no guards. I’ve been told that Madison Elementary is also lacking in guards. I’ve emailed the principal and superintendent and was told that they also find this situation unsafe but aren’t able to find a person to cover these duties.

I’ve witnessed many alarming scenes involving pedestrians and vehicle traffic at these intersections at dismissal/pick up time this year. This doesn’t even begin to include situations that can and do arise from snow and ice. I’ve watched children and adults slip and fall due to ice at these crossings in past years. Studies show that crossing guards greatly reduce the number of pedestrian-motor vehicle accidents involving children. It is critical to have crossing guards at school intersections for the safety of our children.


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