What about CHIPS?


From: Nicholas C. Guy

POTUS is at war with America. A war against women, LGBTQ, Native Americans, Mexicans, Muslims, and Puerto Rico by not providing all resources the U.S. has in order to rebuild Puerto Rico after Hurricane Harvey. He removes intelligent leadership at the Environmental Pollution Agency (EPA) and installs a climate-change denier. He is against free speech, a constitutional right we’re guaranteed. He attacks all credible scientific institutions that can prove climate change is a real danger — a danger the Pentagon says is a real threat to national security. He is gutting all regulations that have protected Americans and wants to roll back all regulations to the 1960s era. Remember rivers on fire, miners dying of black lung disease, cars being dumped into streams and rivers, and air pollution, which was a real crisis until the EPA was formed. More recently, there was the deadly water crisis in Flint, Mich.

Under oath he is required to defend and protect the constitution of the U.S. and to honor the law of the land; yet, he has violated the law under the ACA to destroy it in any way he can, which includes having his politburo remove the mandate that all Americans pay premiums to be insured under the ACA just to get his GOP tax scam approved. This is war against our nation’s poor, which currently is at 41 million. Opioid epidemic is on the rise so Trump declares a war on the opioid epidemic without funding a recovery program. Our infrastructure is in shambles, mental health crisis in this country is growing, and a major insurer such as AETNA refuses to cover a brain surgery for a very young woman due to insurance reimbursements. Trump and his politburo have now killed net neutrality, a major stream of free speech.

So, what about the Children’s Health Insurance Program? It saves the lives of almost nine million children but has not been reauthorized since September 2017. The GOP tax scam will save Trump and the ultra-rich billions in tax cuts and, to partly pay for it, sacrifice the lives of nine million children. This is immoral!


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