A Gift at your Door


From: Bonnie Enright

I’ve always asked for so many things;
Mostly for health and the joy it could bring.
I asked for you to spare some lives
For my mom and dad and others in my life.

I’ve asked for strength to carry me through
But not once did I ask what I can do for you!
(I bet there’s been many times I forgot to thank you!)

Christmas is near, and I’m trying with all my heart
To put everything aside and be grateful for what you’ve done from the start.
Yet in my mind I think of all of them
And how important those Christmases were that we spent.

All the things we take for granted! And most important of them all
Seems to be the little things we don’t think matter at all.

We all think we have the upper hand
Then something changes and you have to start over again.
We think we’re the ones in control
But I’ve learned a lesson: that’s not so!

Lord I’ll pray, harder than before
And leave them as gifts at your front door.
Open them, each and everyone;
No matter if it hurts or not, “May your will be done.”

Thanks God, I send you my love.


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