We deserve a say about Dr. Dorothy Duran


From: Betsey Bittle Woodward

Dr. Dorothy Duran, a Hispanic woman born to a large family in a poverty-stricken area, had to drop out of school to work to support her family. Through sheer determination and hard work, she received her GED, then moved on to eventually earn her doctorate. She came to Southeast Technical with a spotless work record and changed our college with her sincere love for students and colleagues. She worked tirelessly to heighten our college to community college standards while inheriting unresolved issues of declining enrollment She brought on new programs, enhanced general education offerings.

Her handling of the suspension of the RN program was a touch of genius, preventing permanent closure and hiring an outstanding director from Century College to bring our nursing program’s curriculum to be comparable to successful passage of NCLEX.

Suddenly, Dr. Duran “resigned” with no place to go, unable to speak about what occurred. Gag order? Is this the way MNSCU (now called Minnesota State) handles situations? We reserve the right for a vote of confidence/no confidence by our faculty, staff and students as it has been done in the past with earlier presidents.

If an individual, or small pocket of individuals, known for their long-standing negative attitude and expression of typical gender and racial bigotry were the cause, they deserve to be identified and confronted.

The most democratic, fair and ethical solution is to take a vote of confidence.

By the way, Dr. Duran is an honest, fair, and ethical student advocate who tried her best to improve our college.


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