Vikings 16 – Packers 0


From: Bernie Mayzek

Oh what a game, oh what a show
The Vikes beat the Packers; way to go!
It was their first shutout victory since 1993
On this Saturday night in Green Bay territory.

Smith got two interceptions, Diggs did great.
He got the only touchdown on this way-too-cold date.
Forbath kicked three fieldgoals and an extra point too
He did really well; the ball went right through.

A Packer fan threw beer at Digs and missed.
That’s very unsportsman-like; he must’ve guessed
That Diggs would get hit, but not to be
Mad I suppose, ‘cause they were losing, he he.

Our defense was super; Smith got the game ball.
Our offense did great and Diggs got the game ball.
So one more game left before the playoffs are here—
Should be exciting; hope more victories are near!


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