Where did all your Christmas trees go? The farm!


From: Dick Gallien

And where did your Christmas tree end up, after the party was over? You say the Kiwanis Club, with the help of some Boy Scouts and honor students, loaded it on a trailer, which was nice of them, but where did they dump it and why does it matter — it’s gone isn’t it? “It’s gone,” could be our theme song. Except for WSU, Winona Health and now Cotter, the tons of waste food from Winona’s schools and supermarkets go 75 miles to the deadend of a Wisconsin landfill. The cows, yak and horses gathered to try those green Christmas trees brought to the farm, but as grazers, had little interest; however, the 40 goats are browsers who, like deer, can survive winter by eating tree buds, bark and needles. By spring, the needles will either be recycled by the goats or become part of the hay field. The rest of the Christmas trees provide a challenge: biochar, including all those ash trees, which have the potential to be lumber, firewood and biochar, while providing a lot of constructive exercise, for those that aren’t into ice climbing.


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