Pedestrians in Winona need to wake up and pay attention


From: Jerome R. Kulas

It seems to me lately that I am becoming more afraid to live in this country of ours when young people who have graduated from high school and are going to college to get a fantastic education, cannot be taught to obey simple rules that most three to five year olds observe without question. These youngsters know enough not to cross the railroad tracks when a train is coming, but these college students may need to have a policeman standing by the tracks with a whistle to get their attention and then hold their hand as they cross the tracks. They seem to all have earphones on or are fascinated by something on their phone or tablet that they cannot disconnect from for one second while they look up to see if a train is coming. My God, can’t they feel the ground rumbling under their feet?

Having lived in Winona all my life I know of hundreds of younger kids would have crossed these tracks several times a day, (when there were many more grade crossings in Winona than there are today), yet you hardly ever heard of a young child being hit by a train. It seems these older (??) adults (??) may need a Boy Scout or policeman to hold their hand while they cross the tracks. Are they so delicate that they need to be protected from themselves, and anything that might possibly happen to them? Haven’t they even learned to look out for their own safety after years of education? They do the same thing when crossing streets, they don’t even bother to look up to see if there is traffic coming; they just saunter across intrigued by whatever is on their phone or tablet or headphones without even realizing that they are crossing a street with possibly vehicles coming from either direction and crossing their path. Also at night they cross without regard to traffic, wearing dark clothing. Bicyclists too, travel at night with no lights or even reflectors as an indicator to vehicles that there is someone on the street.

Pedestrians in Winona, young and old alike need to wake up and be alert. The life or injuries you save may be your own!


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