Vikes 7 – Eagles 38


From: Bernie Mayzek

Some of us are mad, and some are sad
But think of the great season the Vikings had!
What happened on Sunday was hard for us to see
As those Eagles came away with the victory.

We had a super game on January 14 —
One of the best games we had ever seen.
So to all Vikings fans: grateful we should be.
Such a great team, but what will be, will be.

We went from a miracle to a nightmare.
No defense for us, more than we could bare.
What happened to our great team?
Was the worst game I’d ever seen.

We’re the NFC champs and we beat the Pack twice,
Remember this always: we’re Minnesota nice.
So until next year — it’ll be a new season.
We love you Vikes; a winning team is the reason.

“Dilly Dilly”


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