God makes us different


From: Bruce Montplaisir
Altura, Minn.

Several years ago a young man asked why anybody would think that he chose to be homosexual. He went on to say, “Everybody hates me; even my family abandoned me and won’t have anything to do with me.” So he asked “Why would anybody choose to be this way?”

I wondered about that a bit and started searching to see if there was anything in science to suggest whether being homosexual was a choice or a condition imposed by the God who made all things. Even suggesting that God might make people different from each other for a reason we don’t know might be considered heresy by some people. The reality is that we see people born with all kinds of physical differences including color, size and even people with extra limbs, missing limbs or no limbs at all.

We have also known for years that different parts of the brain have different functions such as controlling sight, hearing, touch, our ability to think, our willingness to go into battle with nothing but an M-16 and a pack of grenades and our interest in sexual encounters with other people.

In 2008 scientists at the Stockholm Brain Institute in Sweden reported that the brains of gay men and straight women share similar traits – most notably in the size of particular parts of their brains and activity of the amygdala – an area of the brain tied to emotion, anxiety and aggression. They also found that heterosexual men and lesbians had similar brain structures.

The study’s author, neurologist Ivanka Savic–Berglund, says such characteristics would develop in the womb or in early infancy, meaning that psychological or environmental factors played little or no role.

Many scientists say sexual orientation is not a choice, nor is it something affected by a person’s rearing environment. Savic-Berglund focused on the structure and function of brain regions that develop during fetal development or early infancy without using any cognitive tasks or rating systems.

Vistcheslav Wlassoff also has done considerable research on homosexuality as it relates to the brain.

Why would God make the brains of some men similar to the brains of most women and why God would make the brains of some women similar to the brains of most men? Last September I met a young woman, who is not quite 30 yet, but God made her different. He gave her a body that she used to roller skate, play volleyball and play softball. She was also a State Champion in power tumbling and later a professional gymnast.

When I met Jen Bricker she was a professional speaker and was telling her story of being born without legs. Her biological parents gave her up for adoption. Why would God make Jen Bricker’s body so different from the body He chooses to give most people?

The people who adopted Jen Bricker had three boys and they talked to each of their boys individually about the adoption before they committed to it. The boys ranged in age from about six to 12 at the time of the adoption and when asked how they would deal with their friends when they found out they had a sister that had no legs each of them responded in the same way. Basically, “If they have a problem with her I don’t want them in my life.”

Why does God allow people to be born with different types of bodies and different types of preferences? It is beyond me but I am not in a position to second-guess what God has done.

I’m not sure anybody actually knows what Jesus Christ said about homosexuality, not everything Jesus said is written down. As part of the one God he would certainly know about the differences in people including the brain structures that made people different from each other. Why do lemmings jump in the sea and drown themselves?

There are people that believe if a person is gay it is against a Christian’s religion to do business with that person and they shouldn’t have to do business with them and instead of looking at the words of Jesus they go to the Old Testament to justify their behavior. So if you own the power company you can shut off the gas and electricity of a gay person; if you own a car dealership you can refuse to sell a car to a gay person, and if you own the grocery store you can refuse to sell groceries to a gay person. You can also justify withholding medical care from a gay person. It is not quite like hunting down the gay people in our society and killing them as it is legal to do in some parts of our world but it has the same effect on individuals.

Jen Bricker says “I am not a mistake; I have purpose.” She also says “We are supposed to be different.”


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