Is this the city’s solution?


From: Paul B. Double

Following the recommendations of the city’s parking consultants and the assumption that walking four blocks was reasonable for people employed downtown if not everyone it would seem the following would meet their criteria.

All city-operated parking lots in the area from the levee tracks on the north to Fifth Street on the south and from Johnson Street on the west and Walnut on the east would be changed to two hours maximum. All lots outside this area would be up to 12 hours. Doing so would open up 470 two-hour new parking spots in the downtown area for shoppers, medical patients and others. Following the city’s current ordinances of rented lots such as lots 15 and 16 on Broadway no parking would be permitted from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. in all areas.

I am sure that everyone will enjoy their healthy brisk four-block walk twice a day in January as they slip and slide to their ice-cold car and from work downtown.


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