From: Gayle Goetzman

When you choose the action, you choose the consequences of that action, right? It’s my opinion, in America, we give criminals and murderers no consequences. We go over and above to support murderers by giving them attention, putting blame on others, giving them a life of leisure, food, water, a place to sleep and exercise, offer no shame, let them manipulate the system throughout their lives, allow them to get possession of firearms, basically a free ride. Wow, criminals and murderers have it 100 percent better than the honest, law-abiding homeless American just down on their luck. This needs to stop!

When proven murders choose to kill, their consequences should fit their actions and that is to get rid of them the same way immediately! Instead of our tax money supporting these killers all their sorry lives, we need to spend our tax money educating parents, supporting our educational institutions, spiritual and mental health facilities to prepare our children for the life they are growing up into — the real world, and how to live honest responsible lives with integrity.

Stop wasting our resources on murderers! Ugly Manson manipulated us all his sorry life. Again, when you choose the action, you choose the consequence. Make the consequence fit the crime!


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