Are you kidding me?


From: Dick Smith

Just when you think that President Trump should be running out of stupid things to conceive, he comes up with a real doozy! Can you believe that the nation’s most famous draft dodger, and king of bone spurs, wants a gigantic military parade on the Fourth of July? Are you kidding me? This is not Russia or North Korea, but this action would most certainly put us into that “bully” category. We already have the world’s most powerful military force and do not have to flaunt it to scare off potential adversaries. This egotistical, power-hungry idiot is so anxious to feed his massive ego that he has ordered the military to start planning this ridiculous idea. Why? So he can watch as the vast array of military troops and weaponry pass his viewing area (his throne) and stand there like some God, soaking up all the attention. Sorry Donny, you are not a dictator and we are not that kind of nation. Never mind that this fiasco could cost tens of millions of dollars that could be better spent on expanding the military, which is also on his agenda. I saw a great idea on a late-night talk show that could help satisfy his parade cravings. Why not create a giant balloon caricature of himself and let him be the grand marshal of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. He will get a larger audience and he would love it! Respect is difficult to afford this guy when he comes up with something bizarre on almost a daily basis. It is obvious with this man that “the lights are on, but nobody’s home.” If we have to spend another three years under his leadership, can you imagine what kind of shape this once great country will be in? And seeing the way those bumbleheads in Congress are floundering around like the Keystone Kops is unbelievable. Mike Pence and that wimp Paul Ryan must wear out the knees on a lot of trousers with their continuous kissing of Trump’s ample butt. Whatever happened to dignity and self-esteem? The chaos within the White House is like a revolving door, as his staff continues to drop like flies. Where did he ever find this rogues gallery? Well anyway folks, try and keep the faith and hope that somehow sanity and good judgement will once again prevail. We are in a very sad place right now. Go Mueller! We are counting on you!


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