WAPS Board — Please listen to your community


From: Bob Northam

Dear WAPS Board and current administration,

Filling out the survey sent to Winona residents crystalized my thoughts on the matter. Thank you for the prodding. I would very much like to ask you “please, please, please do not dismantle what is currently working so well (the elementary part of our school district) and replace our well-respected and functional institutions with antiseptic, impersonal and ultimately dysfunctional warehouses built in an industrial neighborhood. We most emphatically denied your flawed premise of a referendum recently. We WOULD have supported a reasonable building, maintenance and programs plan that would bring the infrastructure back to sound condition and allow our dedicated teachers to do what we hired them for. Responsibility from all concerned is what we ask in all fairness. We already receive it from our teachers, from the parents of students, from the students themselves; are we wrong to expect the same from the WAPS Board and administration? Complete transparency is YOUR responsibility. The distrust engendered by “backroom” meetings breeds animosity and distrust. You are in a position where you have squandered nearly all of the goodwill you had left with the community. These are OUR schools and OUR children — not yours to do with willfully as you please. It is time to worry less about brick and mortar and be concerned with their purpose ... educating the stewards of the future of our planet. Winona has a surfeit of creative brainpower — utilize it. The last payment on the middle school is this year, freeing up approximately $2 million dollars annually , expanded year-long daycare and after-school care could quite possibly generate as much as $500,000 per year, utilizing our flat-roofed buildings for solar panels could have a significant effect on energy use ... I could go on, but you get my drift. There is a resource available to you here in our own community — quit going to outside “experts” to decide OUR fate! Please listen to your community — common-sense solutions can be arrived at by intelligent consensus.


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