School survey (Survey this!)


From: Dallas D. Cada

By now I’m sure you have all gotten your WAPS survey in the mail. This survey was given to help dig out an administration that can’t seem to find a shovel. Guess what; I have a shovel and know how to use it. From what I have learned recently, it seems that the WAPS budget committee has an extreme case of tunnel vision. They are driving a car with an oversized staff that is having a hard time finding directions. So what do they do? They punish the students by cutting programs that affect the education of our students. Now they are talking about closing schools; cutting librarians; using a $1 million tech levy for staff; increasing activity fees; and eliminating band lessons, fourth grade orchestra, and hockey. And they (WAPS) now want millions to upgrade our schools! Thanks to the Save our Schools association, they (S.O.S. — I love the acronym) believe that we can do it for half ($30 million) by repairing only what’s needed in all schools while insuring that the schools are operable and safe. Settle for the Volkswagen instead of the Cadillac. As for the Learning Center gym issue, WAPS should have thought about that right away. WAPS says they need to cut $1.7 million for the next school year. How about considering WAPS Board member Allison Quam’s proposal? Trim the overall expenditures for WAPS’ licensed and non-licensed administration up to or over $600,000. That money’s a great start for helping eliminate that $1.7 million cut. It’s always a “Chinese fire drill” with this administration. Everyone is carrying a hose but no one knows how to use it.

Last but not least, school is good brain food. So let’s feed that elephant in the room and I bet he will come out to perform for all of us. Remember it’s the greatest show on earth: EDUCATION. We all have the tickets so let’s watch and be amazed! Let’s show Minnesota that Winona is the greatest city of all. That just may get us a bigger audience.


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