WAPS: Doomed to repeat mistakes of the past?


From: James R. Puz

Over the last few weeks there have been three excellent op-eds about the Winona Area Public Schools.

Frances Edstrom, Patrick Marek and Karl Sonneman penned blistering indictments regarding WAPS’ failure to address an on-going problem within the school district: its budget.

While each op-ed gave a slightly varied perspective, the cumulative effect of the op-eds was clear; WAPS has not only failed — again — but is riding on the coattails of past failures.

Like Will Rogers, I only know what I read in the newspapers and from what I’ve read and seen to date, the future doesn’t look much better.

It should be noted that Mrs. Edstrom pointedly stated that when her children attended schools in Winona some years back, they faced pretty much the same difficulties that current students are facing. That kind of track record doesn’t paint a very pretty picture regarding the future of the Winona Area Public Schools.

It’s pretty obvious that for several decades WAPS administrators and various school boards haven’t been aware of George Santayana’s often used quote: “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Will WAPS, associated committees, advisory groups and boards continue along the road of trying to do more while actually accomplishing less? Let’s hope not.

Meanwhile, a much deserved “Well done!” to Mrs. Edstrom, Mr. Marek and Mr. Sonneman.


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