I side with the geese


From: Don Doerr Sr.

Today is March 15, 2018. “Beware the Ides of March.” - Shakespeare

I wish to go on record as supporting the geese that have adopted Lake Winona as their natural home.

Not one of these geese has been involved in muggings, murders, shoplifting, or drive-by shootings. These are legal, natural, and God-given immigrants; nor do they ask for public housing, food stamps, free medical care, or food-shelf handouts.

As the people of Winona know, our self-serving administrators have launched a war against the geese who have adopted Lake Winona as their home. Their goal, like the Nazi forces in Germany, is to kill the adult geese and poison the young by destroying their eggs. It is unnatural, and it is evil.

While the elite of Winona complain about the goose droppings, no mention is made of the Winona humans who pump their failed but accepted septic refuse directly into Lake Winona via the streams that feed it. When you swallow excrement while swimming, do not automatically blame it on the geese.

These are the same people who demolished our historic Winona Post Office at Fourth and Main, confiscated Central Park, attempted to destroy our courthouse, issued illegal wetland building permits along Mankato Avenue, and poisoned all life in Boller Lake prior to the restrictions against such irresponsible carnage.

They are the same people who want to close our schools and will later return to ask for taxpayer referendum dollars to build new ones.

We even name streets and parks after these thieves.


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