Arcadia’s misguided referendum


From: Daryl Schlesser

In the last 20-30 years, here in the Arcadia School District, we have spent millions of dollars on schools. The only thing we have got out of it is a lot of brick and mortar and new math — the ultimate in stupidity. Now we want to spend millions more for a couple of playrooms and a library — nothing for education.

The most important requirements for a community center is a kitchen and beer. This has neither.

Businesses complain about not being able to find qualified workers and kids complain about the high cost of education for vo-tech and colleges.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could spend a few million on tech classes and be able to eliminate gen. eds for college? We could cut higher education by one-third to one-half.


In our wildest dreams we can’t contemplate what the world will be like in 50-75 years; yet, we still teach in the dark ages.

Here’s to hoping the new administration has the foresight to lead us into the future.


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