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From: Paul B. Double

Is a fee-based daycare for Winona Area Public Schools (WAPS) a solution, not a problem? The immediate opportunity to grow the WAPS school population sits in the opportunities to advance the school population by filling the daycare needs of working parents with a fee-based 24/7 community daycare at their choice of public schools. What could be a better way to save the public schools of parents’ choice than by expanding the usefulness of these facilities and to begin a relationship with other new parents by providing a quality expanded WAPS education?

I was on the Technical College Board when WAPS merged Southeast Red Wing and the Winona campuses. Red Wing hosted a program for nannies — yes nannies — and it provided an accredited curriculum for them. Does the program still exist? Is the need now greater with employers competing to recruit employees and staff their operations 24/7? Could Community Education be the enabler to set up a fee-based daycare opportunity for parents, employers and most important, providing those pre-school kids into a quality opportunity to familiarize and to repopulate WAPS?

Remember there are five years of preschool classes of kids waiting to enter kindergarten; why not fill a daycare shortage, build for the future with the million dollars each student will bring in IF they become WAPS graduates?


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