Arcadia referendum is a good thing


From: David J. Frahm

Most of you know me as the combatant to the Arcadia Wisconsin School Board. You are entitled to your opinion on that matter. However, I would like to share that I am smart enough to put politics aside to accurately measure and subsequently assess the Middle School Gymnasium/Community Center/Library project.

Because I have the fortitude to tackle adversity singlehandedly — and often in an unhinged fashion — I realize how second-hand knowledge often breeds both misunderstanding and a lack of appreciation for my efforts. Therefore, while I was in the process of reviewing this building project, I paid close attention to balancing perception and reality.

I honestly believe that the donor is misunderstood and underappreciated yet strives to knowingly pursue something that is not only noble, but also good. I ask that you all elevate yourself to better understand the sincere and genuine goodness behind the generous offer extended to our community by the donor. For those of you that know me well, you understand how thoroughly I have dissected, analyzed, and reviewed project pertinent data. You also know that after my relentless scrutinizing of the data, I have poured many hours, over several days, into analyzing the project specific data. You can rest assured that I did not overlook balancing perceived needs verses wants, cost, benefit, and overall project merit to the entire community.

In summation, I openly and candidly admit that my conclusion did not come easy. However, upon a true “removal of bygone incidents and foregone conclusions” between myself and the School Board, the project scenario became fully transparent. That said, my conclusion is that this project in its entirety, complete with the donor’s generosity, is a good thing for the health and welfare of our students, people, community, and school district. To be perfectly clear: I, David J. Frahm, fully support the project of Middle School Gymnasium/Community Center/Library because I believe in the donor’s genuine sincerity and that the School Board has portrayed the merits of the project to the best of their ability.


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