Springtime and maple syrup


From: Dave Fratzke

I love spring — the melting of the snow, sounds and sights of returning robins, the sun getting warmer each day … and oh yes! Maple syrup!

Springtime always reminds me of a true story my friend told me about his seven-year-old son, Drew. This story happened about 15 years ago, when Drew was a Cub Scout.


The Cub Scouts, leaders, and dads were all planning a field trip to find out how to make syrup. So everyone packed into their vehicles and headed over to Whitewater State Park to attend a seminar on collection and making maple syrup.

Upon arrival the forest ranger greeted the scouts and told them how happy he was that they were there. At the lodge, about 10 adults joined the scouts so they had about 35 people on their way to march into the woods to observe the collection of maple tree sap. Finally, they arrived in a grove of mature trees. The park ranger started his lecture.

His first question to the group was, “Is there anyone here that can tell me how to identify a maple tree?” A hush came over the group for about a minute, until Drew stepped forward, pushed his glasses back up his nose, looked the park ranger square in the face, and said: “I can! They’re the ones with all the buckets hanging on them!”

There you have it! Enjoy your pancakes!


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