President Trump’s executive order to review welfare programs


From: Wayne D. Stenberg

The Executive Order that the President signed aligns with the administration’s “principles of economic mobility.” It would create an accountability system for local, state and federal governments. It would also empower the private sector and local communities to create and administer local solutions to poverty. This is exactly what agencies like Semcac already provide. Our network conducts local community needs assessments and from these findings we actively respond.

The President also wants measureable outcomes; Semcac already provides detailed, statistical outcome measurements, annually, to its funding sources. I invite everyone to learn more about us at

We are hopeful that this order will increase wellbeing, self-sufficiency, and economic vitality for all. Semcac has always believed in these values. For over 50 years, we have been working to strengthen our communities and have been positively impacting thousands of lives.

The Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) provides funding that helps to alleviate the causes of poverty. In Minnesota alone, the network provided services for 503,010 low-income individuals in 2016. In fiscal year 2017, Semcac assisted 27,016 individuals in addition to those who we provided 58,354 public bus rides.

Unfortunately, the proposed federal 2019 budget would eliminate CSBG funding. This program allows Semcac the flexibility to be of help when there is a disaster, be engaged in unique programing and help to strengthen established processes. In one year it could be gone, and that would negatively impact our agency’s ability to actively impact the community. I believe that the CSBG is a strong model that complements the principles of economic mobility. I would strongly encourage the Trump administration to take a look at the impact CSBG funding has had (and continues to have) before cutting it completely. To learn more about CSBG communications, follow #CSBG, #AWiseInvestment and/or #CommunityAction, on social media.


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