Americans need a strong Second Amendment


From: Don Doerr Sr.

I own two properties in Winona County. The first is a large lot at the corner of Highway 61 and 44th Avenue in Goodview, an area that accommodates thousands of vehicles each day. I also own a farm in Gilmore Valley, both within and outside the Winona City limits. I am tentatively willing to let the NRA install a quality sign on each property. I am also willing to re-join the NRA. However, I am very disappointed with the weakening Republican Party and the NRA’s willingness to work with our corrupt and treasonous Congress to weaken the Second Amendment. For example, while I don’t want or need bump stocks, I want other guns owners to have them if they wish. Again, this is only one growing weakness within our much-needed, valuable, and appreciated NRA.

We need greater and equal firepower to save America, not additional restrictions and weakening accommodations similar to those in Germany in the 1930s and today in Canada, Australia, and most of Europe.

In all honesty, I have little interest in firearms and no longer hunt. However, observing my America’s role in 9-11; our abuse of the South (over 600,000 killed) over a Northern-greed tariff policy; Vietnam; Ruby Ridge; Waco; over 50 million murdered unborn children and Planned Parenthood’s “consubstantial” baby-parts business; the Boston Marathon Massacre; sudden school shootings (remember the German Reichstag); the removal of JFK; Hillary’s spiritual director corruption within the FBI; the Hmong sniper killing of six Wisconsin deer hunters; and a 60-million member Somali, Hmong, Muslim, etc., invasion/occupation force should awaken all Americans to the danger, not of firearms, but of government — a government similar to that which invaded Poland in 1939.


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