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From: Don Doerr Sr.

I read with interest the letter to the editor by Hans Madland in the April 25, 2018, issue of the Winona Post. Unfortunately, in today’s jargon, his statements have to be placed under the category of “fake news.” We must use reliable sources and take the time to do the scholarly research. Ignoring facts does not negate them.

While Mr. Madland’s food and space-alien analogies do not make much sense given the historical nature of the topics under review, his rationalization for the 1945 unnecessary allied revenge bombing of Dresden, Germany; the loss of 58,000 brave soldiers in Vietnam; and over 600,000 Americans who died tragically on both sides during the Civil War, make about as much sense as the excuses given by the French prostitutes who associated with the Nazi soldiers during WWII.

Legitimate group immigration to the United States ended under the LBJ administration. Again Mr. Madland’s ancestors came to America before that transition period, and he has every right to be proud of them because they came to America to work and to earn their own Social Security without the goal of public housing, free medical care, and the exchange of food stamps for drugs and even sex as recipients line up at the local food shelves for a second helping.

The sole purpose of group immigration since the passage of the Nationality and Immigration Act under LBJ has been to undermine the American standard of living, a goal supported by Congress and the Chamber of Commerce. This explains the theft of the Social Security fund, our unbearable national debt, our decision to abandon the gold standard, and the looting of the interest paid on savings and retirement accounts. It is historically accurate to state that America is under invasion and occupation and has been since November 22, 1963. 9-11 is only one example that confirms this fact.

Finally, like Mr. Madland, I am proud of my German and Polish ancestors and of my own father; but neither Mr. Madland nor I can take credit for those who worked and died fighting so that Mr. Madland and I could both live in a free America where everyone has an obligation to work and contribute. While Mr. Madland is right to be proud of his father’s military service, this does not support his own historical bias and inaccuracies.


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