Do you remember Charlie Gard?


From: Deanne Sczepanski

The news media this past year covered little Charlie Gard and his heroic parents, Chris and Connie, who wanted to bring their son from London to America for treatment of a rare disease. The U.K. medical team, hospital, and courts insisted he be taken off the ventilator, despite the willingness of medical teams in the U.S. and Rome to provide treatment. And so, plump, pink and growing Charlie died.

Charlie’s death was a victory in one respect because it forced the mainstream media to show how common it has become to impose death on patients rather than care for them, regardless of their physical condition. Our society is waking up to the reality of “death panels” that decide who will live and who will die in our health care system.

The parents of Jahi McMath have been battling to save their daughter’s life for several years. This teenage girl was pronounced brain dead, but Jahi continues to grow and has begun to get her menstrual periods.

It is already legal in every state to withhold or deny food and water by means of a feeding tube to patients who are not actively dying and not facing any active end-of-life issue. In other words, it is legal in every state to deliberately bring about the end of a patient’s life by denying them food and water.

Dr. Richard Field was attached to the infantry division that liberated Dachau, Germany, in the WWII Holocaust. He saw thousands of people, dead and dying from dehydration and starvation, and described it as barbaric and savage. He listed the effects those victims were suffering:

• The mouth dries out and becomes caked or coated with thick material.
• The lips become parched and cracked.
• The tongue swells and can crack.
• The eyes sink back into their orbits.
• The cheeks become hollow.
• The mucosa (lining) of the nose cracks, causing the nose to bleed.
• The skin hangs loosely on the body and becomes dry and scaly.
• The urine becomes highly concentrated, causing burning of the bladder.
• The stomach lining can dry out, causing dry heaves and vomiting.
• Hyperthermia can develop, causing a very high temperature.
• Brain cells being to dry out, causing convulsions.
• The respiratory tract dries out, causing thick secretions, which can plug lungs and cause death.
• Eventually major organs fail, including the lungs, heart and brain.

We must be ever vigilant in our families, communities and country to see that every individual has the right to life.


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