Questions we all need to answer


From: Elaine Slater Reese
Spring Green, Wis.

We all talk often about these subjects. Constructive input is good. But at some point it’s time to stand up for what we believe. Put away those thoughts that someone else will do it. We are here for a purpose. What if each of us leaves this earth just a little bit better than we found it? Question one: What can I do about poverty in America? What if I buy two gallons of milk and two boxes of cereals for the family on the corner or take a box of essentials to the food pantry?

Most of us are aware of someone affected by mental or physical illness. We don’t have to be a professional but kind words and genuine concern can go a long way. Will we reach out to someone today? A smile is the first place to start.

We talk about the drug crisis. Have we each been informed by reliable articles, by speeches and meetings? Have we even checked our own drug cabinets? When and what are we going to do about all the school shootings, accidental shootings, and murders? This is America, folks. There are still a number of us who remember what it’s like to take pride in a full day’s work well done. We remember neighbors always helping neighbors. We remember when most people were honest.

We all complain about politics in our country. What if this week we each tried to disagree with someone in a civil manner? What if we each actually spent some time on the question, “Where do I want to spend eternity?” Remember it is a choice we each make!

One of our TV stations has been doing a segment each day called DO SOMETHING GOOD! What if each of us made an effort to give five minutes of something good each day? We need to answer that question. I challenge each of us to try this for a starter. Are we aware that Memorial Day was established to honor those who have made our freedom possible? What can we do? Give veterans a smile and a sincere thank you for the freedoms we have. We must never forget that some families, some lives, have been forever changed because of the sacrifice their loved one made for all of us. The question is what will you do? What will I do?


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