Legislature made big mistake on cellphone bill


From: Dick Smith

The Minnesota 2018 legislative session just came to a close and I cannot believe that the hands-free cellphone bill never even came up for a vote. How stupid are these congressional people? This is a no-brainer if there ever was one. People are driving around in their potential killing machines, yakking on their phones with their heads up their butts and our elected representatives cannot even make a feeble attempt to stop them — how ridiculous! Despite studies that show that it is the conversation that is distracting, whether a phone is held by the driver or not, hands-free is the next iteration of removing distractions in cars. Why is it so difficult to figure out that distracted drivers are ticking time bombs? All you supposedly intelligent legislative people should think about it — What was your problem with that bill? You had the chance to help fix the problem, and for some reason or another, failed to do so. You should be ashamed of yourselves. In the future, every time a family is shattered due to an accident because of a distracted driver on a phone, it is partially on you! You had the power to stop it and you blew it! I wouldn’t want that on my conscience. Next session, Senator Miller and Representative Pelowski, do the right thing; assert yourselves and start saving some lives. The voters will respect you once again.


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