Keep the frac sand ban


From: Lorraine Redig

Our nation’s stated purpose and goal fits nicely within God’s Greatest Commandments of Love.

Jesus said you could know a tree by its fruit. He said, if you don’t like the fruit, replace the tree (MT 7:15-20). If our Constitution and our courts actually do prioritize profits for a few over our health and well-being, we need to replace our Constitution and court system.

Everyone must seek our self interest to live while we are in our earthly exile on our God-given life-support system. We get to choose to seek our self interest in loving cooperation for the common good of all of us, to live with each other in peace and harmony on Earth as it is in Heaven — or not, and get a taste of Hell on Earth.

Minnesota Sands has gone to court, fighting to prioritize their profits over our right to breathe pure air and the other basic human necessities. We can’t breathe profits.

We can develop energy that is safe and doesn’t harm our life-support system.

If our courts grant them the right to poison our air and water for unsafe energy, let’s unite our God-given love-power to transition this into a nation under our Creator, God of Love, indivisible with equal opportunity and equal rights, to cooperate for the common good of everyone of every race, creed, color, age, gender and occupation.

Love is the greatest gift, the greatest power and the greatest joy. Love isn’t love unless it is freely chosen and activated in every part of our lives to the best of our limited human ability.

The power of united love is waiting for us to choose it and use it. We can unite to do it. We are the majority. We can choose love.


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