Don’t take the race baiting


From: Steve Cooker
Minnesota City

Has Al Sharpton arrived at the airport yet? (This is regarding the Goodview Police handcuffing some young guys at LaCanne Park at the Goodview Pitts.) I’ll bet the Goodview and Winona police and sheriff’s department have handcuffed 500 people in the last 30 days. Now, when they handcuff a few African-American descendants, they’re “racists.” What about the Irish, Polish, Dutch, German, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Lithuanian, Papua New Guinea and Eskimos that have been handcuffed? Were they “racially targeted?” Although, I have heard cops “have it in” for the Swedes.

Caucasians who’ve never been racist are worn out from being called such. Take a stand. Don’t tolerate race baiting.

After watching the video on YouTube, I assure you, if Mother Theresa smarted off, resisted arrest, and physically pushed a cop, they would’ve tackled, cuffed, and hauled her off to jail, too.

Hopefully, the jail serves fish and Fridays during Lent.


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