Who are the real animals?


From: Ted Wernimont

Donald Trump has described immigrants as “animals.” I submit that he and his Chief of Staff, John Kelly, are the real animals. They have decided that it is OK to separate children from parents when they arrive in the United States. (John Kelly has justified the practice of separating children from parents as a “strong deterrent” for people entering this country.) Can anything be more inhumane? It begs one to remember Joseph Welch’s famous question to Joseph McCarthy during the Army-McCarthy hearings: “At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

As a grandparent who has experienced the terror expressed by a child when they are taken to daycare, or even to a trusted grandparent, it is memorable and very upsetting. It has to be so much more terrorizing for a child.

It even reminds me of the stories I have heard about children being separated from their parents to be sold as slaves. Absolutely inhumane behavior. One can even make the comparison with the Nazi concentration camps where parents and children were ripped apart.

Has this country lost its sense of decency?


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