Father’s Day 2018


From: Elaine Slater Reese

We each had a father and a mother. In some ways, it’s great that we have special days to celebrate them. In other respects, it’s sad we can’t or don’t say, “I love you,” in some way, every day. Most of us have experienced some painful or difficult relationship in our lives. Is it time we “bite the bullet” and say, “I’m sorry,” even if we think we were right? What is sadder than a day when someone is gone and we can never say those words?

There is some good in everyone! This week before Father’s Day why don’t we each take some time to reflect on our father? I look at pictures of mine in that old gray suit he wore every Sunday to church. Then there are the photos of him in his bib overalls and blue denim shirt. Farming today is such a different world than in his time. I think of the important things he taught me: to love God, my heavenly Father; to be honest; and to love the land and the animals. I will always remember his words to me in that hospital room, “Elaine, keep the farm as long as you can, but when it’s time to let it go, that’s OK.” I had no idea what those words would mean to me in the future.

What do I have of his? There’s a watch and a knife in a box. There’s a horse collar from one of his precious old workhorses. But most of all, I treasure a small black notebook that holds the registration papers of all the Hereford cattle he raised. He taught me how to care for them — what fun we had exhibiting them at county fairs! That book is worth nothing to anyone else but is more than money in the bank to me.

Don’t worry about what to buy your father for this special day. I promise you that a good hug and an, “I love you, Dad!” are the perfect gifts. And I promise also, there will be a day when you will be so thankful that those were the gifts you gave.


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