Schools indoctrinate, the noose of fear is constantly tightening


From: Dick Gallien

Combine Andrea Salzmann’s June 17 Winona Post entry, “Recognizing depression or anxiety in your child,” with Dr. Peter Gray’s article in Psychology Today, “Children and Teens’ Suicides Related to the School Calendar: Psychiatric emergencies and youth suicides rise sharply with the school year” (see below).

Dr. Gray continues, “School shootings are dwarfed by another school-related tragedy — suicide. Suicide is the third-leading cause of death for school-aged children over 10 years old and the second leading cause (behind accidents and ahead of homicides) for those over 15. The evidence is now overwhelming that our coercive system of schooling plays a large role in these deaths and in the mental anguish so many young people experience short of suicide.”

Schools are not going to change; they weren’t meant to change and their purpose is not education. They are rigidly regulated, government indoctrination centers, where the noose of fear is constantly tightening. Note how Winona Area Public Schools would rather “give away” Rollingstone’s 12 acres with a pond and garden for whatever purpose, as they gave the Lincoln School block to Winona State University for a parking lot, rather than allow its use for any competing educational purposes.

The insecurity starts when the six week old is dropped at daycare. It is not surprising that most, like myself, born in 1931, never experienced that insecurity. My Dad was an “alchy.” They soon divorced, but with admiration, I say my mother was a “scrounge.” She didn’t have a car, but had the house made into a duplex, while I was free to swim and fish in Lake Winona. She could make a trilling sound, which could be heard across the lake. Other kids would say, “Hey, your ma is calling you,” which I’m reminded of when one of our beef cows is feeling full of milk and starts calling her calf, who’s exploring along the creek with friends. The calf hears Ma bellowing “lunch time” and they are soon together again. I never ate a meal in school. We had one hour and 20 minutes for lunch during the six years I attended on the corner of Washington and Broadway. No doors were locked and no one asked where we went at noon. The present system is very efficient at producing a nation of sheep and spectators. It won’t change.

“Prison bars do the confining, allowing the prisoner a mental freedom not possible in schools, where an endless barrage of assignments, lectures, questions and tests serve the same purpose, under the guise of education, while distracting as efficiently as the cracking of whips, keeping the imprisoned from discovering and pursuing their passions or noticing that there are no real bars — and by the time they might realize the purpose of their confinement, it is too late,” Peter Gray, Ph.D.


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